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Nurturing Your Pet’s Health at Town and Country Animal Clinic

We hold a fundamental belief: preventive care is the key to ensuring your pet’s lasting health and happiness. From the earliest stages of life, we recommend thorough wellness exams, starting as early as six weeks for puppies and kittens and continuing annually for all adult pets.

As advocates for proactive health management, our veterinarians tailor each wellness exam to your pet’s specific life stage. Whether they’re bounding through puppyhood or savoring the golden years, our team is committed to providing personalized care that addresses their unique needs.

It’s easy to let the importance of a wellness visit slip by, but considering your pet as part of the family underscores the significance of this proactive care. These routine check-ups, even if your pet appears perfectly healthy, serve as a lifeline. They are designed to update vaccinations, detect abnormalities early on, and potentially save your cherished friend from preventable diseases.

What to Expect During a Wellness Visit

Temperature Check

Using a digital rectal thermometer, we swiftly gauge your pet’s temperature. This simple yet essential step helps identify potential health issues, prompting further investigations if needed.

Skin and Coat Analysis

Beyond snuggles, your pet’s fur reveals insights into their internal health. From allergies to nutrient deficiencies, our examination addresses a spectrum of conditions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s well-being.

Heart Health Assessment

Listening to your pet’s heart rhythm is a crucial step in ensuring their overall health. With the aid of a stethoscope, we assess their heart’s performance, with additional options like echocardiograms for a more in-depth examination.

Respiratory Check

Monitoring your pet’s breathing rate helps us detect abnormalities. In stressful situations, like a vet visit, some pets may exhibit panting. Abnormal breathing prompts further diagnostic tests to formulate the best plan for your pet’s health.

Abdominal Examination

The abdomen houses vital organs, and our hands-on assessment ensures there are no irregularities. Any lumps or bumps detected may lead to diagnostic tests for a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s health.

Dental Health Inspection

Often overlooked, dental care is a critical aspect of your pet’s well-being. Our vet will recommend dental cleanings if needed, addressing issues like bad breath and gum health. Thorough, professional cleaning ensures your pet maintains a healthy and sparkling smile.

Eyes and Ears Inspection

Essential to your bond with your pet, we check their vision and hearing abilities. Special attention is given to potential ear infections, especially common in dogs, with prescriptions provided for prompt resolution.

Paw and Nail Check

Active pets may incur injuries during playtime. A quick examination ensures their paw pads and nails are free from painful issues, with the added bonus of a nail trim if necessary.

Vaccination Protocol

To shield your pet from preventable illnesses, we administer necessary vaccinations. Core vaccines protect against serious diseases, with puppies and kittens starting their series at eight weeks old. Regular boosters maintain their immune readiness.

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