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Heartworms are preventable. Protect your pet against this deadly parasite.

Prevent heartworms and safeguard your pet from this life-threatening parasite. Heartworm disease is a severe and advancing condition, with early detection improving the chances of successful recovery.

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Is my pet overweight?

According to APOP’s clinical survey in 2016, veterinary healthcare professionals classified 53.9% of dogs and 58.9% of cats as clinically overweight (body condition score (BCS) 4) or obese (BCS 5).

This indicates that approximately 41.9 million dogs and 50.5 million cats, based on 2016 pet population projections from the American Pet Products Association, are carrying excess weight.

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Ensure your pet’s oral health with annual dental check-ups!

Maintaining good dental health is crucial for your pet’s overall well-being, as dental issues can contribute to or result from other health problems.

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