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At Town and Country Animal Clinic, we proudly extend our commitment to compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care to the large animals that play a vital role in our community.

Our dedicated team of experienced veterinarians and support staff understands the unique needs and challenges of large animals, offering a range of services tailored to promote their health, well-being, and productivity.

Equine Services

At Town and Country Animal Clinic, we are proud to offer comprehensive services for your equine companions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of your horses through a range of specialized services, including:

Coggins Testing/Yearly Vaccinations

Regular testing for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins test) and vaccinations are essential components of preventive care for horses. Our team provides thorough testing and administers vaccinations to protect your horses from common diseases.

Teeth Floating/Simple Extractions

Dental health is crucial for equines. We offer teeth floating services to maintain proper dental alignment and perform simple extractions when necessary, ensuring your horse’s comfort and overall health.


Our experienced veterinarians perform palpation and ultrasound examinations to assess the reproductive health of your mares and provide valuable insights into their overall well-being.

Artificial Insemination

For breeding purposes, we offer artificial insemination services. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques to enhance the success of the breeding process.

Health Certificates

Whether you are traveling with your horse or participating in events, health certificates are often required. We provide thorough examinations and issue health certificates to ensure compliance with travel and event regulations.

Cattle Services

Our commitment to large animal care extends to cattle, and we offer a range of services designed to optimize the health and productivity of your herd. Our cattle services include:

Herd Health/Vaccinations

Maintaining the health of your cattle herd is crucial for overall productivity. We provide comprehensive herd health services and administer vaccinations to prevent common diseases.


Our veterinarians perform palpation and ultrasound examinations to assess the reproductive health of your cows, aiding in breeding management and ensuring herd fertility.

Artificial Insemination

To enhance breeding outcomes and genetics, we offer artificial insemination services for your cattle.

Hoof Care

Proper hoof care is essential for the comfort and mobility of your cattle. We provide hoof care services to address and prevent lameness issues.

Fertility Testing

Evaluating the fertility of your cattle is crucial for successful breeding programs. Our team conducts fertility testing to assess the reproductive health of individual animals.

Health Certificates

For cattle transportation or participation in events, we provide thorough examinations and issue health certificates to meet regulatory requirements.

We understand the unique needs of large animals and are committed to delivering high-quality veterinary care to ensure the health, productivity, and well-being of your equine and cattle companions. Schedule an appointment with our experienced large animal veterinary team today.

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