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Diagnostic Laboratory Tests – What’s What?

Our veterinarians utilize a range of diagnostic tools, beginning with the least invasive options to minimize discomfort for your pet. Here’s an overview of key diagnostic tests:

Blood Work

Quick and minimally invasive, blood work provides insights into various health aspects. Blood cell counts can reveal bacterial infections, viruses, or immune system issues. Routine tests include feline leukemia and heartworm, while comprehensive blood analysis helps assess organ function in older pets.

Fecal Analysis

Examination of your pet’s feces offers valuable information about their health. It helps identify parasites, blood, and abnormal substances in the stool, guiding appropriate treatment.


Analyzing your pet’s urine can detect problems early on, such as diabetes. Visual characteristics and the presence of proteins, blood, or crystals provide insights into your pet’s urinary health.

Other Lab Tests

Swabs from ears or skin scrapings can be examined under a microscope to diagnose issues like ear mites, infections, or cancers swiftly.

Internal Imaging Tools

Radiography (X-Rays)

X-rays provide a glimpse into your pet’s internal structures, aiding in identifying fractures, tumors, or foreign objects. Digital radiology ensures quick results with minimal radiation exposure.


Offering detailed views of soft tissues, ultrasounds reveal abnormalities such as masses or ligament tears. Real-time imaging provides a dynamic assessment of internal structures.

Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)

This noninvasive test gauges your pet’s heart function, detecting irregular heartbeats, abnormal rhythms, or murmurs.


A minimally invasive procedure, endoscopy employs a tiny camera to visualize internal areas, aiding in diagnostics, biopsies, or the removal of foreign objects.

In-House Tools for Swift Answers

While these tests may be uncomfortable for your pet, our experienced staff ensures a gentle and soothing experience. We prioritize your pet’s health, using the latest technology for swift and accurate diagnoses.

If you have questions or seek more information about our in-house diagnostic capabilities, feel free to call the office. Your pet’s well-being is our top priority at Town and Country Animal Clinic.

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