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We understand the profound care you have for your furry companions, and their happiness and well-being are our top priorities at Town and Country Animal Clinic. One crucial aspect of ensuring your pets thrive is preventing them from falling victim to parasites. Not only can these invaders cause distress to your pet, but they can also pose risks to your family’s health. Timely and effective prevention is key to maintaining a healthy household – which is why we offer parasite and flea prevention in Ville Platte, LA.

Types of Parasites

Identifying the types of parasites your pet may encounter is vital in implementing the right preventative measures. Parasites can be external, residing on the skin, or internal, affecting the intestinal tract. Recognizing these potential threats allows us to tailor our prevention strategies accordingly. Here are the key parasites to be aware of:


Transmitted through mosquito bites, heartworms can infect both cats and dogs. While treatment is available, prevention is the best approach to safeguard your pets.


Common during warmer months, ticks are carriers of various diseases such as Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, Hepatozoonosis, Babesiosis, and Bartonellosis. Regular checks are crucial, especially after outdoor activities.

Intestinal Worms

Dogs and cats can suffer from various intestinal worms, which, if left untreated, may affect human health, particularly in children. Regular deworming is essential to prevent infestations.


Common in puppies and hunting dogs, coccidia can lead to symptoms such as watery diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss, and vomiting. Prompt treatment is crucial to prevent dehydration. Don’t hesitate to call to learn more about flea prevention in Ville Platte.


An intestinal parasite, giardia can affect both pets and humans. Symptoms include stomach discomfort, gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. Treatment involves deworming or antibiotic therapy.

Symptoms of Parasites

Observing your pet for signs of parasitic infestation is crucial for early intervention. Common symptoms include:

  • Pale gums (indicating blood loss)
  • Poor appetite
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Presence of worms in feces
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive scratching or gnawing at the skin

If you notice any of these signs, a prompt veterinary examination is necessary to identify the responsible parasites and initiate appropriate treatment.

How Pets Get Infected by Parasites

Pets can contract parasites through various means, regardless of their living conditions. Infection can occur through:

  • Walks in wooded areas or community parks
  • Interaction with other infected animals
  • Drinking contaminated water
  • Mosquito bites (specific to heartworms)
  • Contact with feces or soil-contaminated areas
  • Close proximity to newborn kittens or puppies
  • Presence of ear odor (indicating ear mites)

Preventative Measures to Protect Against Parasites

Parasites can affect even the healthiest pets, irrespective of cleanliness. To protect your cherished family members, we offer comprehensive preventative measures, including:

Heartworm Prevention

Regular screenings are conducted, and preventative measures, including chewable tablets, topical liquids, and injectables like ProHeart, are available for year-round protection.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea collars, topical spot treatments, chewable tablets, and in-office flea baths are effective in preventing flea and tick infestations.

Intestinal Worm Prevention

Tailored deworming treatments are provided based on diagnostic results, ensuring ongoing protection against various intestinal worms.

Ear and Skin Mite Prevention

Once diagnosed, topical medicines are prescribed to eliminate ear and skin mites, promoting healing and relief.

Preventative treatment typically begins around two weeks of age for puppies and kittens, with ongoing protection throughout their lives. Our veterinary team will guide you on an effective treatment schedule for parasite and flea prevention in Ville Platte that is tailored to your pet’s needs.

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